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Updated: Feb 22

I have been doing some thinking about my tenure as your Idaho State Grange President in 2016-2018 and realized I should have reported to the membership what we accomplished in those two year. I want to thank all of you who helped in any way for us to do so much in such a short time.under all the conditions that existed.

First, As far as the State Grange Office was concerned we had to deal with a broken water pipe under the concrete slab our building sits on and have the water piping rerouted to get water into the office and while that was being done the hot water tank was found to be not working so it had to be replaced. all at a cost of around $10,000. Then we had a sewer odor problem making the staff in office "B" sick and they were sent home until that was solved. A company was called and by adding smoke to the roof vent they found that a drain pipe from a water fountain that had been removed many years ago left an open sewer line behind a bookcase. This cost nealy $1,000 to get this found and corrected. Next

, the roof had to be repaired, because it was leaking in several places. We had a choice of tearing off the leaky roof and replacing it or using a different product applied with a roller and seal the entire roof which is what was decided to be done. This project cost was at a cost of over $20,000. Apartment "A" had to be remodeled- new windows, new carpeting, and Pergo flooring at a cost of about $5,000. Apartment "B" had to have a new refrigerator at a cost of about


Second, Avery and Ruth Bright left quite a sum of money to be used by Granges in District 3.(North Idaho). Clearwater Grange had a new sewer system installed. Mica Flats had 2 projects -one project was to build a cover over the outside exit.. Edgemere Grange had two projects- replace the water pressure tank, and refurbish the logs on the outside of their building. Blanchard had the most done with the replacement of their sewer system and the biggest project was to get rid of the bats from their attic. The bats had been there for years and this project turned out to be larger than anyone expected, but we got it done. My one regret was we ran out of money before we could help Latah Pomona with their Park which was in desperate need of help.

Third, I had never been to all the Granges in Idaho even though I had pictures of most thanks to the guy that traveled around the state of Idaho and took those pictures. We did make it to most Granges and attended meetings in

many. District 1 we attended meetings at Kuna, Pleasant Ridge, Nampa Valley (even though their power was off and the meeting canceled) and Maple Grove. We visited with some of the members of Alpha Grange as we went through Cascade. In District 2 we attended a meeting at Portneuf and visited with members of Upper Big Wood River while touring their building. We also visited with members of Dietrich and Appleton Granges. In District 3 we attended meetings at Mica Flats, Edgemere, and Paradise Valley (but their furnace quit so the meeting was cancelled). We visited with the members of Clearwater.Grange who had a fantastic dinner for us and we toured their museum, we visited with the members of Kendrick Grange who gave us a tour of their building including the museum. We visited with Roger Falon at his home of Moscow Grange before he had to do chores. Several times I had called Princeton and tried to arrange a meeting with them, but no one was available the four times we went through Princeton. .We visited with members of Bell Grove Grange at their Grange hall and their home. We visited with members of Medicine Mountain Grange at their Hall. We passed Harrison Grange two times, but was unable to meet with anyone. We were at Blanchard and visited with members of their Grange and toured their hall.

I had scheduled a trip to Lemhi Community Grange, and York Grange, but it had to be canceled because of a reimbursement problem.

Fourth, I want to thank Bonnie Mitson for the beautiful Quilt of Valor she presented to me. it is hanging in our dining room so that anyone who comes to our home can view all the work she put into that special work of art and beauty.

Thanks to you, I feel we accomplished more than anyone expected in those 2 years. Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Idaho State Grange Master/President.

Harold Eshelman

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