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Contests and Programs

The Idaho State Grange offers many opportunities to show off your talents and handiwork.  Find forms below for scholarships, contests and distinguished people nominations. 

Community Service

Bonnie Mitson

Community Service Program and Reports

Family Activities

Arlene Ankenman

Grange in Action

National Grange

National Grange Photo Contest

National Grange

Program Director

Frances Robertson

Idaho State Grange Lecturer's Programs

Teacher/LEO/Citizen of the Year

Bonnie Mitson

Diaper Bank Project


Graces Project led by Alissa Javaux

Flag Presentation Competition

Idaho State Grange Assistant Stewards

A competitive contest at state session, where teams will: Open the Bible, Present the flag, Retire the implements, Close the Bible & Retire the flag

Granger of the Year Form

Bonnie Mitson

National Grange Quilt Block Contest

National Grange

Quilts of Valor Foundation Partnership

National Grange

Youth & Junior

Colleen Foster

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