December 2019


Dear Worthy Secretaries,

     I want to thank you all, those that have been doing this important job for many years and those that are new to the job.  Although taking meeting minutes and sending in quarterly reports may seem a mundane and thankless job sometimes, it is those minutes and the quarterly reports that record the history of our Granges.  When a Grange closes its’ doors for good these minutes are kept either at our state office or in a historical vault.  It’s like taking a walk through history when reading those minutes.

     We do have to move forward in our thinking and in our technology to stay current.  In order to respond to this, a new Quarterly Report Form has been designed.  It is accessible on the Idaho State Grange website and can be completed on-line and printed out or can be printed out and filled in by hand.  Either way works.  The report will need to be signed and one copy sent to the State Grange with your quarterly dues check. 

     Please print one for your Pomona Secretary and another for your grange records.  If you do not have access to a computer and printer please tell Jan, our office secretary, and she will see that you receive a mailed copy along with the instruction sheet. 

     The old-style report is no longer available.  We have run out of copies and are not ordering more.  If you have trouble understanding the new Quarterly Report Form there is an instruction sheet attached or you may call Jan or myself and we will do our best to answer any questions.


Thank you for your cooperation in this.


Jeannie Billmire, Idaho State Grange Secretary