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Bellgrove Grange #369 - Community Service Report 2021

Our volunteer hours totaled 600 hours.

Since we reorganized just July 2021, we lost no time in reaching out to our neighbors. A handful of our members were determined to save our Grange and worked tirelessly, and have multiplied our membership to over 30 members, and growing. We have held monthly dinners and have reached out to the local community to include them.

Our grange has secured a recycle dumpster, to be able to be used by the community and has placed it on our property, for easy access.

We continue to go to homes and make calls for wellness checks in the community. We pool our various talents to lend a hand to those who are in need.

The members who have raised gardens have shared the bounty of their produce with the community.

We made NICU pillow case-style mattress covers and mini quilts for the incubators.

We made and donated pet beds to the Kootenai animal shelter.

A member babysits the neighbor children, so the parents can have some time off. She has created a garden in the backyard and added a gate, so the children can learn how to plan, grow and (their favorite part) harvest produce.


Elaine Ward, Community Service Chair


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