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Contest deadlines for many National Grange contests are approaching!

Due by September 1st

  • Cape of Honor (Juniors),

  • Garden Design Contest (Lecturer),

  • GRANGE Youth Pillar Project (Youth),

  • Grange in Action (Programs/Membership),

  • Grassroots Advocacy Award (Legislative),

  • Horizon Leadership Ambassador/Young Patron applications (Youth),

  • John Trimble Youth Legislative Experience (Youth),

  • Junior Mentor Award (Youth),

  • National Junior Grange Ambassador applications (Juniors),

  • Publicity Item (Communications),

  • Quilt Block Contest (Lecturer),

  • State Junior Director Reports (Juniors) ,

  • Virtual Photo Contest (Lecturer),

  • Weather Watcher Challenge (Lecturer),

  • Wib & June Justi Community Service Award (Youth/Community Service),

  • Youth Membership Recruitment Award (Youth/Membership),

  • Youth Officer Council applications (Youth),

  • and the Youth Officer T-Shirt Design (Youth).

That's a lot! More information on all of these can be found in the Contest Guide or in the Junior & Youth Program Handbooks.

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